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Truck Diagnostics

R.A.T. Ltd. has experience developing various projects utilising commercial vehicle on-board networks. ISO 11992, ISO 9141 and KWP 2000 (ISO 14230) electronic networks are typically used in Europe, whereas SAE J1708, SAE J1922, SAE J1587 and SAE J1939 electronic networks are typically used in the USA.

In addition to working with open ISO and SAE standards, R.A.T. can also offer solutions using manufacturer's proprietary communication methods, such as Wabco's JED 677 data communication method or Haldex's serial diagnostic bus.

This page is intended to be a hap-hazard collection of information relating to truck / truck trailer electronics. Information commercially advantageous to competitors of our client, Dr. Air-Brake, is of course withheld. Please contact them or email R.A.T. if our design and consultancy services or electronic development could be advantageous to you.

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Photo of fault code reader prototypeFault code reader prototype produced by RAT for Dr. Air-Brake.

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