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Robin Arnold Technologies Limited.

RAT Ltd. provides electronic design and other consultancy services in various technologies including:

  • unix-like operating systems
  • C programming
  • TCP/IP internet protocols
  • computer security
  • device driver development
  • electronic circuit design
  • microcontroller programming
  • PCB design
  • in-vehicle networks

Please click here for a list of example projects RAT has produced. RAT has also developed its own microcontroller based platform suitable for many potential projects, for details see here.

In addition to consulting, RAT undertakes small scale production work, such as manufacturing small quantities of electronic test equipment. RAT has particular experience with the automotive industry.

RAT is based in the city of Wolverhampton, in the West Midlands county of the United Kingdom. It is registered in England as a limited company.

Clients include: Netcraft, Dearborn Group and WAB Products.

E-mail is preferred for initial enquiries. Please contact Robin Arnold, arny@geek.org.uk

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